Josh Gordon Events

Founded in 2018 by Josh Gordon.

Josh Gordon Events is the most versatile event company out there. With a background in restaurants, catering and event coordinating, Josh brings a very unique avant-garde approach to food and the customer experience as a whole.



Josh Gordon

Josh was born and raised in Southern California where he began his culinary exploration. He started in kitchens at the tender age of twelve, cutting vegetables.

At the age of fourteen, Josh was fortunate enough to land an internship under the auspices of Chef Eric Greenspan, a graduate of Le Corden Bleu in Paris, France, and celebrated chef and restauranteur. Josh learned traditional French techniques and preparations from Chef Greenspan, who had trained under legendary chefs Alain Ducasse, David Bouley, and Joachim Splichal.

After cooking under Greenspan, on and off, for four years, Josh moved to New York to continue his studies.

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